What Women Are Looking For ????

Women operate on different wavelengths than men. Most men think women want diamond rings and a man with a lot of money, but studies show that this is not at the top of the lists of what women look for in a relationship. Women are complex creatures, but when you break it down on what they truly want in a relationship, the list becomes a bit simpler than many expect.


Respect is the most important thing that a woman looks for in a relationship. Respect must be given to her friends, opinions, interests, bodies, and minds. You don’t have to agree with everything she says or does, but respecting and honoring their opinions is the most important aspect of showing respect in a relationship. Be honest, fair, considerate, and kind.


Believe it or not, but women love sex. All aspects in the bedroom are much appreciated by women and not just the finish. Massages, cuddling, and touching are also things that women appreciate and love in a relationship. There is no such thing as too many back rubs.


Instead of the normal take out food with a movie at home, try having a nice candlelit dinner. Having date nights, making out in a car, and other things you did when you first starting going out can be more romantic than you expect, even after she becomes your wife. The things that made you fall in love with her don’t have to stop because there are chores to do or bills to pay.

Time and priority

Making sure she is number one in your life is very important. Putting aside time to spend with her and show that love is the number one priority can really show that you truly love her. Even taking time to do some chores that she normally does like cleaning the house or doing dishes can make her feel loved and know that you are there for her.


Greeting her at the door after a long day at work or out with the kids can show her you’ve been thinking about her all day. Even if you aren’t a master chef or can’t even boil water, you can put together something or heat up a frozen meal and show her you were waiting all day for her to come home..
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Forgot the most important one: Confidence! Without your a turnoff, like a fatty from a man´s perspective

Wow ! well said!!!!


Every word of this is true! You could teach other men a thing or two! Very well written!

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I am always impressed on all articles you have written all relevant and very true not just a guess LOL! Lucky wife you have then for you know how to make her feel important and special.....

Bhabhe can't wait to chat with you...xoxo

In other words, my wife is lucky to have a hubby like me... I have a cuckhold wife..!!!

Good article. I think there are a few items you didn't list. <br />
1. Honesty <br />
2. Openness <br />
3. Laughter <br />
4. Friendship <br />
<br />
Dinner isn't a necessity - not to all. <br />
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Good article.

Dinner is always a courtesy...!!!

Nice article. I love it!

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