Soft Kisses

As a bisexual woman, I enjoy feeling another woman's body pressed to mine, sharing soft kisses while feeling her boobs against mine.
Sharing a shower is also a very erotic activity, cleaning every part of each others body.
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Holy crap im hard

The ex<x>pression of love and affection between two women is so beautifully soft sensitive and sensual. The prolonged soft kissing and sensual intimate touching and caressing two women love uniquely sets it apart from heterosexual sex, as two women slowly but gradually inexorably move toward physical sex. Tribbing is another electrifying pleasure two women would derive optimum pleasure from i would envisage ba<x>sed on what i have heard.I have always held the belief that a woman should not go through life without experiencing the joy, love, and the pleasure of another woman and her body. Through your bi-sexuality you are enjoying the pleasure of both worlds. Continue to enjoy. Fontana

I like the sound of being in a relationship with a girl I have only found out was lesbian and I am 14 and I have not had any experience at all so I am looking forward to what u have

Beautiful, i could not have described it any better myself. Although i do love men, there is a leel of physical sensuality involved when being with a woman.

As a strait male I find that statment quite erotic and turns me on, please continue

I love that feeling too ! it is just soft body parts pressed together & soft kisses that linger and move to the neck, shoulders & I love the feeling of someone running their hands through my hair too ! My body melts when I feel a sexy woman pressed against me & we are lost in the passion of the moment !

I enjoy men &amp; women in different ways, but there are several common emotions that feeds me: passion, desire &amp; attraction. I like the feeling of passion when it begins &amp; grows into a full fledged frenzy of lips, hands &amp; HEAT ~ I usually can tell right away if there is passion between me &amp; someone else: a touch that gives me the 'physical electricity' that helps me know there is Chemistry between us. The 2nd part is the feel &amp; effect of a kiss: soft &amp; gentle at first &amp; then hot &amp; excited soon after !