There Is Nothing Like It

Like everyone else at some point we all find the touch of a woman to be comforting. Whether it be as a mother, a friend, a lover, or even that of a total stranger. Something about a beautiful woman in your arms can set the world on fire as you slowly melt into your own personal world. It doesnt even have to be something sexual. I believe it's more over the need of everyone to soothe and feel a welcomeness that you are not only not alone but that someone in the world cares for you. I believe it's in human nature to find the comfort of a woman because they are our mothers, our lovers, sisters, figures that inspire us to create great works of art when in fact god created the greatest masterpiece of all in making women. They can bring reason to insanity, peace to war, and love to hate. While all the while being the exact opposite in the lives of people everywhere. No one will ever find a softer touch then that of a woman in love as she comforts you in your time of need. That is why a woman's body although having many hardships and trials is the most beautiful thing ever to come into existance.
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1 Response Dec 20, 2012

I'm not a lesbian... I've always believed this to be true. And don't get wrong a guys body pressed against you is like full protection it's more of a shield. But my grandmother all the way to a females. Lady I don't even know in my opinion it's comforting, especially when your sad. There's warmth and coolness that calms the madness. I swear.

This is true :) that's why I wrote this story. There's a reason women are fairer sex lol but it takes two to tango and men also have their own life jobs so to speak :)