Why Do Guys Pretend To Be Women?

It appears that most (errr almost all) if the women in my circle are actually lonely men pretending to be girls. I don't get it and I'm not judging you but I'm not interested in you guys. Sorry fellas.

I am a professional divorced man that loves that misses my formerly content family life. I like my children, women, my career, NFL football, music, travel, chicken wings, my cars, and my dope. All in that order. Take note: Men aren't on the list. Merry Christmas.
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I know what you mean. I love and I hate the internet for exactly that reason. You can discuss topics you could never touch in society (I couldn't, that is). But you not only don't know exactly how serious your interlocutor is, more basically, there is not even a reliable way to find out their gender.

Like you, I am not interested in guys at all. Like you, I am convinced that the vast majority of women here are guys (at least the vast majority of, in a sense, "interesting" women). Certainly not all of them, but - as I said - you never know for sure. Like you, I can't explain why. I just don't get it. It is so senseless. If you want to have something for real - you need the real world. With this end in mind, the internet (in particular, EP) is frustration.

I hear ya brother.... I should remove the chemicals reference. I don't actually like that stuff. It tries to kill me.

You are a guy I'd like to know personally. I have no experience with drugs, however, and don't want any. But I share a number of your experiences. I talk bluntly and I am a strange combination of culture, perversion and faith. I can't stand fakes. That is why your contribution caught my eyes.

On one site I pretended to be male. It was interesting, but I wasn't trying to do it for s3xual reasons; more because I wanted to experience interacting as a guy. Eventually people got to like my persona. That's when it started to feel really shameful, so I quit.

I'm sorry your marriage broke up.

How ironic.... My time of doing and roleplaying is over. I am shocked by the number of people that like me only when I am altered and nasty. I'm not refereeing to just getting my freak on when I am high. I get inundated with 'offers' to do illegal things. I become sick when aren't playing. I've hung up on many 'Moms' when I became extremely concerned about the background noise. I think a new account to signify my attempt at cleaner living and getting out of the house more often is in order.

I'm also intrigued that you commented. Please don't look to deep.... This account is a wasteland of mdpv fueled perversion.

But before I go.... I pretended to be a girl on a chat a free chat years ago.... .I had voice changing software and pretended to sexually confusion and underage. That did not stop many many who woman from pursuing 'me' ...

TBH, your drug use kind of frightens me. Yeah, sadly there's a lot of pedoes on the 'net.

Former drug use. :-P

I chemicals came in the mail and the recent shipment was unprecedented in its strength./purity.

I had a friend come and help me flush everything last Friday. I also burned the bridges between me and 2 places that I ordered from.

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