Dance With My Youngself

Okay if you're my friend you already know I've been a sexual thing since a young age. Well one time at a family and friend gathering, everyone was dancing having a good time. Most of the adults were drunk but a few of the teenagers thought it was halarious. Anyways we all started playing some dance game where the music would start and once the music stopped, you'd have to do some crazy pose and there was a judge to see which dance couple was the best. Anyways I got selected to be with my relatives' coworker and he was already pretty older and at a young age I thought he'd make me lose! Haha well I was definitely wrong! Anyways so everyone is dancing and kinda drunk and the music stopped, so mike and I did a funny pose which we got to the second round. The music kept going but this time mike grabbed my hand and gave me a squeeze and I knew instantly he was interested in my 17 year old self. He posed again, this time he pressed his upper chest into my back, I felt his heart beat fast. We passed the next level. He was looking deeply into my eyes and I flirted by winking at him and bitting my lower lip, making sure no one else knew or could see or feel our sexual peak. We kept dancing and I'd swing my hair back and forth and everyone was so oblivious and drunk off their minds we would get closer but also keeping our distance. He turned me around as if he were spinning me in the dance floor and would run his hands down my back as if to anyone else seeing, it was part of the dance move. We knew better. I would bend over to touch my toes and pop up back quickly running my hands through my hair and down my hips. The music stopped an other dance couples were doing amazing Poses. The music kept going, everyone drunk...possibly mike too. He snapped my bra strap since my back was to the wall with no one behind me...I started singing out loudly , "oooooh ooooh! Yeaaaaah yeahhhh" everyone thought I was having the time of my life but I wanted to show mike my moans. He grabbed his coc*.... I giggled and we posed when the music stopped. Finally I was wet and now out of te game since our last pose didn't qualify. Everyone was dancing doing shots and now me and mike were out of the game. I whispered in a low voice that I needed to cool down in the bathroom, he followed. Standing in line, drunk family friends stated how funny we were as they passed us in the hallway. Waiting in line, I adjusted my bra cups in frot of this gray haired man with a beer belly. In front of mike, I bit my lip, moaned gently and unbuttoned my pants. In line, in front of this horn man, I lifted the front of my thong whispering I shaved the night before. Others were in line at this house party not knowing what was happening. Music blaring and drunk people one by one coming out of the bathroom. He was hard, I could see it through his plaid shorts. Finally, my turn and I entered te bathroom alone. Fingered myself quickly and when I came out I gave him my finger to taste secretly as he popped in his head quickly when I opened the door. Others were in line but didn't notice as I shove my taste in his mouth.
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damn i bet you taste soo god! you tease :D