Tech Is Amazing

2 seperate tours, 85 stops, 140 shows, 9 weeks, 17 semis of equipment, 15 hours to set up, 2,000,000 dollars in lasers alone, 1 amazing show.


I first heard Trans Siberian Orchestra (TSO) on the radio.  I am not one for Christmas songs, but their hyped up, rockish version of Carol of the Bells got my attention.  I youtubed them and not only was their music unique, but their concerts were better than I could ever have imagined.  Full lights show, pyrotechnics, lasers, moving stages, it was amazing.  Immediately, I became obsessed with Trans Siberian Orchestra, or rather, the tech involved in creating the show.  I think you should look them up.  Hopefully, you will share my entusiasm of them.  Below I've added some links of their concerts and two articles that I found interesting.  Enjoy!

Erinkidd01 Erinkidd01
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2010