Mental Vacations.

I absolutely love the travel channel.  As a matter of fact I am watching no reservations right now.  My favorite travel channel personality is Samantha Brown.  Whenever I go to hotels, I get on people's nerves by pretending to be her LOL!  The way she enters the hotel room on Great Hotels and describes all the furniture.  But besides her I am now into Anthony Bourdain:  No Resevations (obv. if I'm watching it now), Bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmern (although his trip to Ethiopia almost made me puke) and Man Vs. Food.  Those countdown shows, like America's best coasters or whatever, those rock!

urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
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3 Responses Feb 16, 2009

I can't remember if it was Bourdain or Zimmern, but the went to Ethiopia and that was the most disgusting episode I've ever seen. I almost puked!

Samantha Brown is sooooooo beautiful.

I do watch travel chanel a lot, and have watched Bourdain for several years, my boyfirend loves to watch also. I don't watch Zimmern as much anymore, some of the food grosses me out and he smacks when he eats and that drives me up a wall. I have started watching Dhani travels the globe. I have traveled since i was little and love culture, so I can associate with the hosts.