Who Will Stand Up For The Right?

Well, I just couldn't wait, there is so much on my mind. I don't want to just blurt it all out. I want to take a subject and write about it. I would like your opinion.If you agree with me, that's great and might even add something to my opinion that I didn't think of.., if you don',t please give me your opinion as well and lets talk about it.    Let me start by saying Nancy Grace is my hero..She is the voice of the weak and helpless..When you listen to her you can tell she is a person who CARES about people.    I don't know about you, but I just don't see a lot of people who really care about other people anymore. When I watch her show, sometimes I sit there in sadness as well as disbelief that mothers and fathers could hurt their children.Child abuse is something I despise and hate. Children are a gift from god. They are a blessing..I don't know one child that came to their parent and ask to be born...People if you don't want children..DON'T HAVE THEM! Now I don't believe in abortion, but I do believe if you are woman enough or man enough to do the deed , then you should be woman or man enough to prevent unwanted pregnancy's by using PROTECTION!!! There was a woman on the Nancy Grace show last week, who put her three year old in bed and then she goes out dancing.The little girl wakes up and goes outside looking for her mother and the police found her in the road at 3:00 in the morning looking for her mother..Can you imagine what that child thought when she woke up and couldn't  find her mother? How scared she was and how she felt so alone..One way, I believe in stopping child abuse is we need tougher laws and we also need to not be afraid..SPEAK UP, if you know a child that is being abused in any way, if they are being neglected call child protective services, turn these people in to your local  police and keep calling until you get that child help...one child that has to hurt and suffer and or even worse, die at the hands of an abuser is one too many .They are small and they don't know to help themselves.Another thing I did, I told my children if someone is abusing you or mistreating you ,tell someone, anyone that they trust don't be afraid to speak up, a lot times an abuser will try to scare their victims into not telling, I always told my children, don't listen or believe that, they just don't want to get in trouble for what they are doing...DON'T BE AFRAID ....WHO WILL STAND UP FOR THE RIGHT?
lucytrueopinion lucytrueopinion
46-50, F
Oct 3, 2010