What Is It Really With Taciturn People?

Thanks to the World Cup I finally got hooked to this show. Been seeing the commercial for it on a local TV station - I'm in Asia so pardon the lateness. I understand the series got canceled in 2009.

Anyway, the coloring makes it look like it is a TV series from the 70s so I wasn't much interested then. Should've known better since this particular TV station is usually very good at picking its content.

So after a long night of watching the World Cup and being unable to sleep afterward, my only choices were The Guardian, re runs of American Idol (I know. Who runs the TV, right?) or 50 Cutest TV Star All Grown Up or something. Local Indonesian TVs were even worse, re runs of daytime soaps which consist of 30 minutes people glaring at each other and another 30 minutes of some chick crying over verbal abuse. But that's another story.

I expected to see another typical legal TV series only this was one where the central characters were father and son, blah blah blah. But nooo... What I got was a frustratingly taciturn screwup of a lawyer paying penance for his law violation by doing community service looking after children he doesn't care.

You just want to follow him around to see what gets under his skin. Which are quite a few actually once you really watch. That's one of the thing I look forward to actually.

Nick Fallin reminds me a little of the little old me - the June I used to be. Probably why I can sympathize with the guy. He looks aloof and annoyingly distant but it's because he can't help it - that's the only way he knows how to act. A lot of what he feels are kept inside - not because of some terrifyingly deep reasons but because he just doesn't know how to express them.

Which is why it was so fun seeing him go from answering the phone in calm sentences to slamming his cell phone completely broken in one single minute. Something I might have done in another time, another universe.

There's darkness and there's intensity but thank the little baby Jesus none of the pseudo stuff Hollywood serves you in their outdated platter of a sinful deviation called acting.

The father is quite a character himself. While I enjoy the quirky, grumpy old man we typically see in TV series they get old fast - pardon the pun. Burton Fallin is nothing like that. He's another character in the story, one with depth, one who is unique; someone whose next actions and fate you want to find out.

It's early days yet and I am yet to be bored by the TV cable running it over and over and over again... although I doubt it would tire me.
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I cross my fingers for that as well

Yes, I read about it when I did a search looking for the group's logo.<br />
<br />
I'm hoping to see The Mentalist making its debut in Asia soon *crosses fingers* :)

I have not seen the Guardians, but he is playing a psychic is Mentalist now, and that is my favorite show.

Yo Frito, the series debuted in 2006, if I'm not mistaken, and canceled last year. You know us here in Asia, we're always late with TV series. (Except for the annoying American Idol, which is only late a full 24 hours!)<br />
<br />
I do hope it is on Hulu, so you can take a look yourself. One TV series I am actually enthusiastic about :)

Sounds different June and much more interesting than the usual TV whatever....<br />
but I haven't watched it...hahaha I gave up tv...now I just cheat and watch Hulu.com...hmmm wonder if it's on Hulu........goes off to check Hulu. :)