Twilight And New Moon

These are the only two films of the series that I have seen. They have been on the television recently. They are fantasy without having too much horror about them. Their ideas are good and the acting good, though the actors have an odd tendency to break up their sentences in odd places. Clear plots, economical effects and characters. I should really have been a vampire or werewolf myself. In their human forms they are all incredibly good looking, beautiful even, especially Edward and Jacob. LOL.
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I never seen the Twilight Movies or reed any of the books. it's never been my type of movies but i did see the parody for twilight "vampire sucks" that movie is so funny

well actually I dont really like the movies, *even robbie is acutey lol
I am a vampire admired, but thestory makes vampire look like a lame lover or something
and bsides I dont like the girl ahahaha
but it does have a beautiful scene and pictures, have alot of cute boys around with sharp teeth ahahaha that was worthit to watched tho

Never seen these films but I understand what you mean about sexy vamps and horny wolves......

I have not seen them, perceiving them to be teenage drivel. However on this review I will reconsider my opinion and look out for them soon. I am sure they will be repeated. In my head you are as pretty as them. I know pretty is usually a word used for women however I distinguish good looking men who look rugged as handsome and those that are well groomed, but not so rugged, as pretty.