If Every Man Could Be Like Edward Cullen The World Would Be A Better Place

I am definately Team Edward, I love him.  The books are brilliant and the films are fab.  A friend at work introduced me to them and I couldn't put them down.  I have now read them all about 5 times now and never get bored of them.  Edward Cullen my god what can I say.  As my title says the world would be a better place if every man could be like Edward Cullen.
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I totally agree with this story..... If this could only happen, the world would be perfect...... But, most guys are unfaithful nowadays..... And they do not behave in a gentleman-like manner.... So, it's kinda impossible.... But for some.... For those who are quite lucky in love can find someone like this... However, i think it's 1 out of 100.....

I absolutely agree with you, if every single guy on earth was like Edward, it would be a heaven for all girls. I mean he is THE MOST perfect guy. Everything a girl wants in her soulmate now has only one name to describe it all - Edward, its so much easier saying I am waiting for my Edward rather than I am waiting for a guy who has this who has that etc.<br />
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@ Aether71 Edward left Bella for her own safety and he never forced Bella to be with him infact he gave her so much chances to live her life normally and all this proves that he loved her because besides going through so much pain, he always wanted her to be happy.

So you think every man should take a woman out into the woods and abandon her there? I mean really? Ever elderly man should date someone that is underage and vulnerable? This guy that you 'Love' is a perv!