*hides Face*

It isn’t something I’m proud of trust me, if someone were to ask me in real life if I liked twilight I would of course deny it up and down and act appalled that someone would even ask me that or if I felt like it was someone who wouldn‘t laugh in my face I might crinkle up my nose and then admit to reading the books and seeing the movies. I do agree that its pretty lame but I think that’s part of its appeal. I am in no way 15 year-old girl obsessed with it, I've read the books and have seen the movies and enjoyed it that is all……….*cough* Team Edward! *cough*
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3 Responses Jul 24, 2010

You really shouldn't be ashamed to enjoy the book, although I'd probably be tempted to deny liking the books as well. It comes from being stereotyped as hysterrical tweens.

Team Edward all the way... I couldn't agree more. The last book was the best!

Yea, Im the same way... "cough" Team Jacob*cough*