Ahhh Twlight Does It For Me...!

Im hooked! The year that the movie came out i had only seen the previews on tv never heard of the book at all. The movie didn't even look all that appealing to me. I went to go see another movie i cant remember what... but it was sold out so i saw twilight. Let me tell you im soooo glad that other movie was sold out!!!! I fell in love with Edward almost immediately love his looks the whole vamp thing is new to me and soo intriguing. Anyway loved the story! Then I had to see New moon and I did...and Jacob just made me melt oh my did he. The boy grew up and that body ummmm..... I was soo hoping Bella would fall for him..Eclispe was the best of the 3 love them all though! Riley.. love his character...fight scenes are wonderful...Jacob is gorgeous geesh cant wait for breaking dawn!!
nboston1982 nboston1982
26-30, F
Aug 6, 2010