My Twilight Experince

Okay first let me say I am totally hooked on TWILIGHT I love the idea of wanting something you can't have and as we all know Edward has told Bella many times that she cannot become what he is but when someone tells you that you cannot have something doesn't it just make you want it ten times more?? Something to think about. I can really relate with Bella I feel out of place and have my entire life I'm the odd ball the black sheep I am 18 and still have trouble breaking out of my shell so to speak I can really connect with her
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1 Response Aug 8, 2010

I used to feel I was a "black sheep" many years ago. I can relate to how you feel completely. I am 50 now and might give you some good advice, People like us are just unique and special and we give the world a little spice. You will find many who will love you for that special quality that is rare these days. So be yourself and flaunt and be proud of who you are. Get what you want! Good luck with your life! ~ Husbandsangel