Twillight Is My Life Now

Hi! I'm new here. I am on a mission to find other people like me. The Twilight Saga has taken over my life...and I am perfectly happy with that fact.  I want to be Alice Cullen. I buy my clothes based on her fashion sense, I even have the contact lenses that give me "Cullen" eyes. I have a Twilight Room in my house, I watch at least one of the movies everyday and read the books over and over...I just cannot get enough.  I went to the Twilight Convention in Orlando earlier this month and had a BLAST.  I have already bought my tickets for the Arlington, VA convention in April. I absolutely LOVE Twilight. Cannot get enough. My sister in law is just as addicted as I am. I would like to meet other people who feel the way I do about Twilight. There are not many in the area I live in, that I know. I only have my sister in law to experience this addiction with.
AliceTPA AliceTPA
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1 Response Dec 31, 2010

I am not as hooked on Twilight as on Robert Pattinson. I feel exactly like you and can watch him in the movie and outside. Utube actually helps because I really like him in real life. He just seems so interesting and unusual - it is really cool.