The Reason Why I Love Twilight

I love Twilight not because it's only about deep love and romance, it's about having trust within the person whether he/she has done good or bad things because they still have good in them. It's also about having spiritual guide and physical protection from harms way..for example Bella was going to get hit by a car almost facing her death and Edward jumps in and saves her..just like an angel would. same thing for Jacob when his cousin or family member tried to attack her when she slapped him. And most importantly it has supernatural truths Bella once wrote in her diary and asked is it possible that everything is true, the myths and fairy tales. There could be the supernatural among us. It also has friendship elements in there. it doesn't matter if you are weird or supernatural, you are still you. i can relate to bella because im a weird person and a loner. So is edward.  
SudanCarib SudanCarib
18-21, M
Mar 21, 2012