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Obsessed is a word that is kind of pushing it.  I enjoyed the series and read through them in a very short time span.  The best experience from it was when I dragged my husband to the midnight release of the 4th book.  The little tweeny boppers were divided into team edward and team jacob.  Then they would announce the time in 5 minute increments.  "5 minutes left" the speakers announced and a huge uproar sounded from all the girls.  I looked at my husband and we just had to laugh hysterically.  What else was there to do.  Yes I know that an intelligent woman shouldn't be enjoying such trivial romance crap.  In my defense, 4 of my equally strong minded women friends also adored the series.  I enjoyed her plot line and some of the thoughts on what love is.  There were a few scenes that truly were magical in my mind.  The second book was fascinating for the dynamics of opposite sex friendships, she showed it well.  Anyway, don't knock something until you have tried it.  That is a lesson learned by me from being suckered into reading romance.

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I agree. She makes sure to sprinkle it with friendship dynamics, family dynamics, and a lot of discussion of self esteem. I'm glad you enjoyed them. :)

I think Twilight is something all ages can enjoy. I also went to a midnight opening party for the fourth book. I was surprised by how many different people were there. I even saw a few guys there, which surprised me greatly. I didn't think guys would be into a story like twilight. But it was great, young girls, older women, teachers, reporters. Twilight is just great for any woman no matter what age you are.