Here's a fine read. Let me start off by saying I'm a guy first. I heard of the movie and couldn't wait to watch it; for it was a vampire movie. Surprisingly I haven't watched it yet.

One day, I went over to visit friends.  A couple that both read books. She was talking to me about the books she has and what would be a good choice for me. I turned to spot a book called "Twilight" I asked, " Is this the book Twilight -- the same as the movie release?" It was the book of it. I was intrigued over it. Wonder what could be in it. Wanting to know what the hype was and how better a book is compared to a movie -- my first time.

She looked at me and handed me the book, thinking I might very well be interested. I sat down and read the first 5 chapters. I couldn't believe I spent the time away from visiting to talk to reading rudely at the table.

It was well written. Ease of read, and produces images in your mind. The kind of books I like. I had to know more of what happens. I took the book home and read another 7 chapters. I would have to say her obsession is nothing I have seen or read before. His obsession of her looks and smell got me more interested. They both had an obsession that was interesting for me. After the break of that, shortly, the spun into a new direction, forwarding it onward. The events, the thoughts, the actions, all eluded me to continue reading and becoming obsessed as bad as they were for each other.

It wasn't until chapter 8 that It had effected me. Chapter 20 and onward really heated up to what I was hoping the expected. To say, from obsession to living to die and having that closeness they had for each other was very different. Different than a lot of vampire related works. The thoughts they had for each other was very similar to our real lives. I think a lot like they do on everything, and this hit the spot. All the words, the obsessions, questions, their thoughts, and of course the thrilling suspense.

Even though this was guided to what I seen as an audience of teenagers -- mostly girls, it is a book for all. It was a girl and a "boy" vampire in a tangled struggle of their thoughts for each other. (and their own survival to live with this)

I have to say I will continue the Twilight Saga to know what is to come. The first book ended with an interesting talk and me questioning myself on what she and him were thinking then.

I loved the suspense that was happening after chapter 20. I could vision everything and could think what would happen next or who was being spoken about. Many times I would say something out loud while reading. Some remarks I can't mention here. Others I can, "no" " I knew it" " I was right" "omg". The book gave a sense of realism -- everything was real, them, and has happened. (Since it gives you that thought.)

All I can say, I never read a book like this before. I will await for the movie released on DVD. Although I read viewers remarks about the movie and I hope I have a different view of it and it would be good.

Great book, and will be buying the complete hardcover set soon.



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Hi. i love you twlight saga (see my user name ;) ) but caint really get "into" the breaking dawn. i like it, and its well written, but i sadley watched the directers note on youtube and it kinda ruined it for me =/ . but i still nerther the less love the movie, despite that i dont fully enjoy watching, and am off to watch it now, Chow!<br />
<br />
(no ryme ntended)<br />
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I like The Host. Read it after I was done with the books. Took me a little longer but I liked it.

I prefer ' the host '

I am "a little behind the times", you might say.... I have only just read and watched Twilight for the first time in the last week. I'm definitely not a teenager, though it does make me feel alive again...something I have not felt in many years. The unsurpassing affection that Edward hold for Bella, selfless love that is returned without so much as a whimsical thought about how her life will change. I have found myself reading parts of the book over and over well as the movie. I am going to the local bookstore tomorrow picking up New Moon. I guess you could say I feel as though I am hoping for my own "Saga". How many people do you know that would give up all that they have for one person??? I have never read a book that has so changed the way that I feel and the way that I look at life, until now. I wake up easier, i dream different, and I am much more "aware" of everything around me.

So what did you guys think about New Moon? I was VERY surprised that this movie went with the book. But of course, they have added a few things and little changes, but it still flowed with the book. They have already finished the 3rd movie, Eclipse. I'm really anxious to see it, since it's my favorite book! I finished all books way back in Feb. and even read The Host. That one took me 2 weeks to finish!

I read it fast too, too curious about how will they finish, and at the same time i wanted it to last as long as possible..i almost dread the emptiness that i was going to feel once i finish the 4 tomes...i found a way to make it last. i am rereading them, stopping at every detail, every ex<x>pression, memorising the best parts...its a real pleasure!<br />
About the 5th tome, i heard that the author is not going to publish it...there is even a petition in the net ..Apparently the author does not even want to finish it.<br />
Are the books adressed to a teenage audience? I am a 27 adult and i like it a lot...i dont care.

I love it too

Yeah, the books do that. I was aware about the 5th book and can't wait for it. She's working on it still but not as fast. I'm ok with that. The book with Edwards side of the story. On another note, I have already finished the 2nd book. Got finished with it on Feb. 3rd. I tried to take a break, but in total I read it in 3 days. So much for trying to slow down. The 3rd book I haven't started yet. I'm trying to wait a little while before I break into it. Soon it will have the better of me.

it's very hard to return to 'real life' from the books. They are so well written, and draw you in, create those mind pictures you mentioned. I love them, and hope the 5th book gets finished and published.

Yes. I have been hearing about the 2nd release! I'm really curious how well they will do for the opening book. Very vivid. I'm going to try my best to read only several chapters per day -- if that's possible!

Thank you. Twilight captivated me and now I'm engrossed. I have started on the 2nd book and only several chapters into it. The "new moon" is just as good, and leaving me with unanswered questions of my own. I'm trying not to read so much a day, and rather have the books span out and last longer. It's too good to have all four read fast and nearly impossible to stop reading at the end of a chapter. I'm anxious to watch the movie soon. Hoping that my imagination drawn out will match the aspects of the movie.