I've never read a book voluntarily in my LIFE ever!! I read because it's mandatory. When I watched the movie...I was like, I have to get this freaking awesome book!! and then I thought.. "omg..i wouldn't finish this it's like 600 pages"... but guess what???!!!! all 4 of them!! Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn..I read them all in 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!! and I'm hooked....i will never get over these books..NEVER!! I've seen the movie 100x, and will definitely see it again when the DVD comes out!! I love you Edward Cullen..I love you Twilight characters.... LOL!!

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Bear: omg i love your twlight<br />
Ed: what about my other movie? water for (caint spell it?<br />
Bear: uhhhh....... i loved your twlight!<br />
Ed: hmmph

you got that right!! i felt the pain that Edward must've felt when jacob and bella made out on eclipse like maniacs, and how bella IS "inlove" with Jacob also... ugh.. and Edward remained so calm and understanding.. *sigh* I hated them both for doing that to poor Edward. lol