Two Groups - Twilights and Anti-twilights

Well, to start off with I was in the Anti-Twilights. We didn't like the books because people just raved about them and that is all they ever talked about. There was about 5 of us plus some special exceptions. I thought it was stupid, you no the whole vampire thing. This went on for a few weeks and people started to argue, including me - with some of my best friends.

I was still very anti-twilight when my friends dragged me to see the movie, Twilight. When I saw it, instantly I was obsessed with Edward Cullen. I decided after the movie that I was buying the book. I have read the first (Twilight), the second (New Moon), the third (Eclipse) and I am going to start reading the fourth (Breaking Dawn) tomorrow. I'm glad I have read the books but not sure if it was a decision or a bad.

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I'm very sorry for you<br />
I read Twilight to help my mom write a block for her English class and I still can't understand how I'm still reading the series. It's utterly ridiculous (I'm halfway through the second book) and the only things keeping me reading are A. My cousin and B. Jacob.<br />
Werewolves>>>>Vampires>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sparkly Vampires who are stalkers

yep, they are sparkly:)

:-) vampires any day

stuff the cookies, we have vampires

Yep, welcome to the dark side :)

i didnt mean to make it say it is innapropriate

You have made a wise choice