I'm a Romantic

I know I am too old to be your typical Twilight groupie, but I am in love with this story. 

Of course the book was by far better than the movie, but the movie wasn't terrible; it told the story.  My husband doesn't like to read, but in a house with 4 girls, he has heard nothing but Twilight for months...lol...he saw the movie and liked it.  He has finally started to understand why I call him my Edward...

I love the symbolism in the story...I don't know if Stephenie Meyer did it intentionally, but there is a lot to be learned from Twilight, I think.  Love, selflessness, committment, self-control...I just think it is a beautiful love story, ranking right up there with the Notebook- IMHO.

  Thank you, Stephenie Meyer!!

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6 Responses Feb 22, 2009

i caint say im hooked on the saga, but i do like it. i have all eps in my computer but choose not to watch them most of the time unless i rly want to. i wanted them SOO badley but when i watched it once i couldent watch it again without getting bored and remixing it and makeing it funny =/ . OHHHH WEEELLL. i guess you dont know the worth of the water until the well is dry.

I enjoyed the books and the movies are ok..I ust dont understand the hysteria that is surrounding the fad. Its a great story, each book only took me one day to read because I didnt want to stop reading, but I didnt get swept up in the hype and drama that these people are getting swept into now. <br />
thats just my opinion

man....i cant wait for eclipse lol, but the books i think i was obessive when i first read them..and then i read them again ..im a HUGE sucker for romance

I also fell in love with Edward and Bella. I admit im a twilight mom..lol...I read the books and saw the movie...my husband laughs at me cause im so obsessed with it...i just want to read the books over and over. All i can say is stephenie meyer is amazing!

:-p to applebomb! "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all" please and thank you.

You are so right about the symbolism I have read all the books and saw the movie and I have to say I am in love with Edward and Bella. To think that this all could come from a dream is awesome. I hope Stephanie dreams up some other good stories like this.