I Read Twilight In 5 Hours

I am 13 years old and it took me 5.52 hours to read Twilight, 9.32 hours to read New Moon, 29. 49 hours to read Eclipse (only because i count from the time i recieve the book and it was X-mas morning) and 31.19 hours to read Breaking Dawn ( I bought it at an airport and was halfway through another book at the time wich i finished on the plain then i was on holidays so i didn't have much time to read)

I know this because I have a timer I carry with me everywere to test myself on thick books. 

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6 Responses Feb 24, 2009

I have read all 4 books twice now (:<br />
a single day to read each, of course taking a few hour breaks each of those days to go to work.<br />
They are absolutely amazing, and Im getting ready to use another 4 days of my time, and read them all again.

I love the books too

He he he... as I said, I. Am. Crazy. I'm reading the Demonata series at the moment (I REALLY recomend it) and it takes me about 3 hours 2 read each book, a teeenny bit longer if it's a school day.

wow, and i thougt 4 days was quick :)<br />
it took 4 days for twilight, 6 for new moon, 7 for eclipse and breaking dawn was a bit over a week, but i was at a volleyball tournament, so i had no time to read at all :( but i got them all finished within a month:)

*laugh* I'm a bit insane I have 2 admit (I talk to myself & more!)

wow i'm 16 and i think it took me a lot longer to read twilight but i don't have a timer so i can't tell you how long it took me