New Moon Movie Update

I just picked up a Life and Style Magazine with movie news about New Moon and it has pictures of the cast and let me tell you all - Taylor (Jacob) has totally BUFFED out for his role in New Moon!! OMG he put on like 30 pounds for the part!! He is so big!! I was stunned!! Also they started filming ECLIPSE immediately after the ending of production for New Moon so it will follow the storyline fairly close plus the magazine predicts release sometime in June 2010!! So that means only about a 7 month wait between the two movies!! AWESOME!! I can't wait for both to come out now!! I am back to re-reading the series again - yep this will make the 5th round for me!! LOL

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6 Responses Mar 24, 2009

He is a hundred years older than her, so he's pretty much a *********. Also, he watches her while she sleeps (because he doesn't sleep) and yet that's supposed to be romantic, not creepy. He views her as a frail little girl that he needs to protect and doesn't really think much of her opinion. Basically, another vampire wants to eat her and his family tries to protect her, but Bella doesn't listen to what Edward tells her and almost gets killed. Of course he saves her in the end (like all damsel in distress stories). Oh, after that, he physically forces her to go to prom with him when she doesn't want to (I mean if a guy can't say no to a little thing like prom, he's not going to listen to a girl when she says no for bigger things).<br />
Basically, it goes back to the old damsel in distress stories expect he's possessive, obsessive, and stalks her. Also, their relationship seems to be based on lust; he first likes her because she smells tasty to eat (so he looks at her like a piece of meat) and she likes him because he's hot.<br />
It just bothers me that so many girls (friends of mine even) are saying that they want an Edward, because I would never in a million years want a guy like Edward: he is creepy and controlling. I don't understand how a book like this can become so popular in this day and age.

I love the books as well as the movie and I am 35 years old, LOL... I can't get enough of Edward myself.. I actually wish there were real life vampires... Go figure.. Well everyone has their opinion and thats ok.. But just wanted to share...

l m a o! I LOVE TWILIGHT, i loved the movie, i saw it 5 times, and cryed every time, it's my fav! can't wait for the d v d, personally, the book was a 'voyeristic view' from stepanie meyer's perspective, (as Rob pattinson says) She was 'Bella' so to speak', and i thouht it was brilliant!!! i love the book's, and i think if you saw it from Edward's 'perspective' he isn't like that at all, he's 'a tortured old soul' who becomes alive again because of Bella. :)

I thought the books where great but the movie was s*** it did not come close to being as good as the books were and thats all i have to say the beast has spoken

Why on Earth would any woman like Edward? I read them as my teen was reading the series And wow talk about a chauvinist.Edward became obsessed with Bella and started breaking into her house to watch her sleep.Then he was attracted to her blood (lust) and he forces her to go to the prom and controls her every move. No wonder feminism is needing help.

I love the books to.x