Yet Again

     So I'm reading 'Breaking Dawn' for the umpteenth time. I have read them all a couple times and they are still as good as the first time I read them. I can't help it! I'm a nerd like that!

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haha! awesome! what do you think about new moon? a lot of the people i know who read the series didnt like new moon because it was about jacob and bella. i absolutely loved it!. i was way sad the first time i read it cuz edward leaves of course but i really think the books wouldnt have been as interesting if there wasnt competition. plus i was mad that edward had left. i think he got what he deserved.

I read like 200 pages today and again totally lost track of the time, I almost done with new moon, now on to eclipse.

haha! i have heard that it just makes the books that much better. you will love them.

I can't wait to get to reading them.. I saw the movie first. So maybe the books will be better! Maybe it works the other way around.

yeah the really can suck you in. i have def looked up from reading and the clock says like 3 in the morning lol!

I'm a newbie to the series got the first book about a week ago and read it in four days, I;m on new moon now, started it yesterday and already read over 100 pages. I pick up the books and do not want to put them down! Tonight I was reading, I looked up for a sec at the clock and realized an hour had passed. I too have been sucked in, no pun interned,lol.. I saw the movie over the weekend, I liked it, not as good as the book, but when are movies as good as the book? They still did a good job. essp. Kristen Steward as Bella

lol... haha good to know im not alone! i get bored and im too damned lazy to get another book. so i just say **** it and pick it up! and i just get sucked in again! maybe one day i will get bored with it.

I'm a 3 peater with that series, totally understand. :)