Can't Stop Reading!!!!

2 months ago i read twilight and was amazed:)!Then i moved on to new moon it at first it annoyed me because Edward left. So i rushed through it, then i read eclipse and was amazed again. i couldn't wait for breaking dawn and it caught me by suprise and i completly fell in love with the books, it amazed me how tottaly amazing they were so i reread new moon and fell in love with it  but i kept rereading the books everybody said i was obsessed,my ansewer : and your point is... then i tried to get other people to read and when they insaulted the charictors i got mad and we soon formes a group of true twi-hards who are uncoditionaly and irrevocably in love with the saga and i love it!!

TwilightsMyLife TwilightsMyLife
13-15, F
Feb 7, 2010