I Am Freakishly Obsessed With The Twilight Series

It started when i was in school and everyone was talkin about twilight but i didnt pay mcuh atttention becuz i thought it wasnt such a big deal but then i while i was in wal-mart i decided to get the first book and when i first started reading the book its like i couldnt put it down. The first thing i would do in the morning is read the the book. At night i would read the book until i fell asleep and when i finished reading it the next day i went and bought new moon and its like i was in a different world and nothin around me existed my mom would ask me if i was ok and when i wasnt reading the book i would talk about it 24/7 and when i wasnt talking about it i was thinking about it. And when i finished reading new moon i started searching for eclipse and couldnt find it anywhere and when i was on my way to my aunt;s house my cousin's book was in the car nd all i saw was the red ribbon and i knew it was eclipse i grabbed it immediantly nd started reading it and the whole time i was at my aunt house i stayed the corner reading eclipse when i finished eclipse i bought breaking dawn on amazon and when i finished breaking dawn...i felt like my whole world came to an end and i was just so devastated and my friends and family kept telling me it was just a book but to me it wwas more than a book so now i read the series over and over nd it never seizes to amaze me. I want to know if there is a possibility that i can stop reading the series. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

123Cullen 123Cullen
13-15, F
Feb 22, 2010