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i do like the twilight saga books. but the movies could be better. i like the people in the movies. they were spot on in my book. except for bella and edward. could have done better there.

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yep. i liked the movies for the background characters <br />
(as in, the cullen family)

haha bella and edward are like the whole story!!! i think the movies bombed(as in were bad,very very bad--- not to be confused with "they were da bomb", which would have meant they were good)<br />
<br />
i wish they acted better, the entire movie seems like an awkward moment, like every interaction between bella and jacob or bella and edward is just-------well------AWKWARD!!!!!!!!!!! haha<br />
<br />
<br />
still love the books tho ;]

looooooooooove jasper

i agree i loved the books but the movies are a bit off i wish the would go deeper int o everyone and the couples seem a bit different and really need to go into jasper more hes like a back ground character in the movies.