In The 80s

I really started watching the show when the "new" ones came out in the 80s. Loved this show. Twilight Zone the Movie scared the pea out of me, the scene with the deamon on the ming of the plane...eesh. I watch all of them now, especially the originals.
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2 Responses Aug 14, 2010

I don't think we'll ever see anything on TV like TTZ original because the American population has been dumbed down by our progressive and feminist school system for 40 years, which means that television programing has to now rely on one or some combination of of several things for good ratings:<br />
--T&A<br />
--gratuitous violence<br />
--a sixth grade vocabulary<br />
--constant 'drama' and 'hook-ups' like a soap opera<br />
--themes about nothing, so no one will be offended<br />
--plots so stupid and obvious that you don't have to think about anything while watching<br />
--'reality' settings that contain no 'reality', but are dominated by lots of hand wringing over 'action' which you rarely actually see<br />
<br />
Sorry, the time of really genius TV programming is way gone.

Oh yeah, I remember that one too but not the name, I will try and find it and let you know....