I Could Watch This Show

any day, just not everyday, all day, love it when there are marathons. 
Its funny, I used to joke about living in the twilight zone.  And it would be funny, and others would agree with me that yeah, when they thought of my life and things going on with me, it was like the twilight zone.

Now, I really feel like it sometimes, it doesnt feel like its a joke anymore, and those that used to joke with me about it, stopped joking with me.  They just look at me and say, life is crazy. 

If they new more than what I let them know, they would look at me like there was something wrong with me.  I already went from being the clown to being a skitzo in their eyes.  How would it be if they knew all that there is to know.  At least they do come around me still.  As long as I don't try to talk about the things that worry me, or get my mind rolling, I'm in good standing with my friends and family.

EyzofBlue EyzofBlue 36-40, F Nov 6, 2011

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