Happily Ever After

I want to see the guy get the girl. I want to see it all work out. I want them to ride off into the sunset fully and deeply in love. Everytime, not just most of the time. Critics I don't care about are always saying how tired they are of this old "formula". The reason there is a formula is because it works and on me it works every single time. Sure there has to be some conflict and tears shed along the way but in the end they need to kiss and make up and live happily ever after. After all, the reason I go to the movies is to relax be entertained and smile dammit-lol

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:) Okay!

Of course you can. I will check with the producers and get back to you :)

I want the guy to get the girl in my real life movie. I also want to be able to eat popcorn with butter and for there to be an amazing shower scene (not **** for little eyes to see but amazing.) Do you think I can get this?

I want the fairytale ending... the guy gets the girl, the kissing , the passion. all of it :)

Exactly. I plunked down my hard earned cash. I wanna cry a bit, smile a bit and leave the theater happy dammit !! - lol

It always feels "wrong" or "off" when a movie doesn't end in happy ever after. I want the happy ever after, dammit! Paid good money for it too! lol

Um....if you're serving beers then to heck with the popcorn - lol


But of course :)

and with popcorn! hehehehehehe

Its good to leave a theatre smiling :)

Agreed. I think all day long when I'm at work. By the time I go to a movie I am usually mentally tired and just want to be entertained. I don't need a million plot twists or alternate endings or anything of that nature to enjoy myself.

I like happy endings too, even if they are very neat, pat and textbook...I'm looking to be entertained and for a brief respite when I go the movies...;)

I love this post Bassy and feel exactly the same :)

Believe it or not, for all the chick flicks I have seen, that is not one of them. I saw "love actually" for the first time the other day. Great movie!

Well yea. That's it exactly. For years when I didn't have this in real life I could at least lose myself in it for a few hours and forget how unromantic and crappy my home life was.