I Am A Fan <3

Of course i started to like Vampire Diaries because at the time i was in to Twilight and im not saying that Vamp Diaries is Twilight! Its not! Im just saying i got interested in it because it had vampires and werewolves and i love stories like that (: I read the first book and loved it. But then i watched season 1 of the show and fell in love with it. I didnt even bother to read the rest of the books because i already know what happens. Lol! But a week ago, I got on Netflix and saw the seasons except season 1. And was very surprised of what i saw! From what made me see this series again is i went to youtube and there was these videos of Damon and Elena kissing, so i was shocked because i liked Stefan! So i was like OMG what happened since season 1?! I watched it. And wow. HUGE TEAM CHANGE. I changed to Stefan to Damon. You wonder why? Welll Stefan, i liked him for Elena because he's a sweetheart and of course they make eachother happy. But seeing these episodes. I had sympathy for Damon. You can tell he really cares for Elena then anyone else he ever cared for. She changes him, he changes her. And i think it's beatiful of what they do to eachother. When Damon is without Elena, hes all bad but with Elena , he is trying to be a better person. And i love that. I hope Elena chooses Damon!! They need eachother.
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Jan 8, 2013