Michonne - The Chuck Norris Of The Zombie Apocalypse

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3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

The scene in the woods after they lost the prison was the most awesome zombie killing I have ever seen.

Yes agreed! Although I am loving carol atm. She is kickass. Just look at her journey from season 1. Damn. Go girl power!

OMG I know she is a perfect example of someone adapting for the sake of survival she went from an abusive husband to being the heroine

Yes she makes the hard decisions but she is still all heart

Michonne is a woman of few words. She's one of my favorite on show, so is Daryl. I loved that episode. Nice add with the pics. Thnx for sharing them.

Thanks for commenting, its always nice to meet fellow TWD fans :)

:) for another TWD fan anytime, can't wait till Sunday!

Love the variety of emotions! They forgot afraid and horny, but I digress. She is my favorite character on the show...a total zombie slaying machine!

Yeah she rocks although it wouldn't hurt if they gave her more lines in the show!
One of my fav scenes is where she discovers Andrea in the forest, cloaked with her two pets. awesome!!

Mine too!

I agree, she doesn't get to say much, and when she does...it's almost like she is hissing rather than speaking. I guess they want her sword to do most of the talking for her.