Watched All 3 Seasons......... Again

Best scenes of all times in order:
Rick under the tank about to blow his brains, and climbs inside the talk.
Rick falling to his knees seeing his family for the first time.
At the CDC when Daryl says to Jenner " well your head ain't! (LAUGHED)
The last walker out of the barn, Sophia.(SHOCKED)
Rick killing Shane
Andrea being left behind by Rick at the farm. (LOL'ed)
Rick splitting Thomas's head open at the prison.
Lori's goodbye to Carl and her death (CRIED)
Rick falling apart
Ricks rampage on the walkers
Daryl finding Caroll
Carol seeing the baby and learning of Loris death (CRIED)
Michonne stabbing the governor in the eye
Michonne putting her katana through Patty's head (SHOCK)

to be continued...........

please feel free to add more
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Anything that involved Daryl. Is he sex on a stick, or what. I am obsessed

he seems to be even more awesome in interveiws - if that is possible :-)

Your list is great!
I also laughed when Michonne sent Merle the "biter-gram"