I think someone not so important from the lineup will die. Could be Aaron or Eugene.
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i would be so happy if they killed rick i never liked him he was always a controlling ******* to me

I will be posting a video on my channel about this with clues and such. Some of the clues from previous episodes I found out are pointing to Aaron. I even tried calculations following the lineup and the "it" lands to Aaron but we won't use that to point out that it's him because we can't even tell if they're filming the just reactions of the characters or exactly where lucille is really pointed on every word. Negan could even be cheating. I just feel like they won't kill an important character because waiting for the next season itself is such torture and they want audience retention. Even though some say Negan has to choose someone who will make a big impact on Rick, he still thinks every one on that group is important to Rick. At first, I was thinking it could be Eugene because he's also an unimportant character but the mere fact he was about to sacrifice his life by driving the RV alone and getting caught already gave Negan the idea that the group accepted his fate and that won't make such great impact if he kills him. When Negan said, " “Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy’s (Carl)other eye out and feed it to his father.", could actually mean that the victim is sitting right beside Carl and he said that to prevent Carl from stopping him. He felt Carl will really react because he told Carl at the beginning ...."at least cry a little"...which shows Carl's bravery and will react if the victim is close to him or beside him.

And btw, Aaron is a main character too, he recruited almost everyone in Alexandria and if he dies, people will go mad and that will play a big role in the next season. :D

it will be daryl's fault if someone in the van got killed. they wouldn't have been out there in the first place if daryl was thinking straight and went back with them to Alexandria.

my best friend and I have watched this episode at least 10 times and she thinks Aaron got the bat too!

please tell me my man daryl is still on there i havnt watched any since season 3 n sum of four but i heard neegan killed him if they did I'm gonna b mega pissed lol

Im pretty sure its abraham niether aaron or eugene could stay sitting up after getting hit the first time the only one with that strength is abraham

That would be horrible story telling... all this build up to how bad-*** Negan is, then a cliffhanger between seasons... for Aaron or Eugene? That would be just lame, but you may be right... that is what they may do.


That would be too obvious (since he gave his bullet recipe away and the episode focused on him a touch too much).

Could be as last series when a "much loved character" was supposed to die but it was Deenas husband but then again they didn't state who loved him the viewers or the people in Alexandra as he was loved by them I hope they not misleading us like that as now they have said it's a "main character" I'm still sticking to Daryl

I wonder what they consider as a main character?

I think its someone who was in the truck cause through out the episode they were showing someone looking at the truck doors from inside the truck so would make sense if we saw them get killed through they're eyes but they were towards the back of the truck so I think Glenn or Michonne.

I only want Glenn to live because he is gong to be a dad. I want a happy ending there. Michonne delivered the worst tv kiss I ever saw.... But I like her hair and sword. I think it will be the pretty Hispanic ex girlfriend.