Hanging Out At the Creek

I Love the water, so every weekend I go to the beach or the creek,,,,,, it`s a mood thing,,,,,, today was a creek day,,,,some very drunk guys ate our chicken while we were lounging in the cool water,,,, how crazy is that,,,,,the day was so beautiful, and the water was clear, cool, and swift,,,,, can`t say I cared that they helped themselves, it was strange though,,,, I don`t think that would happen at the beach, a different type of people go there,,,,,can`t wait to see what adventure awaits.
awegee awegee
3 Responses Jun 14, 2009

Isn't that great to relax in the water? It's been chilly and rainy for most of my days off, but I played hooky last week (shh don't tell anyone) and went swimming at this beautiful place that could only really be called a swimming hole... It has a gorgeous waterfall there. <br />
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Best. Day. Ever!

I always meditate at the creek near my house. I try and go when no one else is around so I can find my peace and quiet. The ebb and flow of that creek is beautiful and calming. I can see why you love it so much. All I have to do when I'm alone there is listen to the water flowing over the rocks, the only thing that would be better I think is seeing the ocean again.<br />
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Blessed Be.

I love the water too. I was happiest in Florida..the beaches are nice. I can't believe someone ate your chicken..geez! If I were to buy a house, it will be on or around water.Such a joy to get into. Love it.