The Heartbeat Of The World

I have always loved the water. When I became a teenager, and all of the other girls preferred to sit by the pool or on the beach, sunbathing, I was in the water, sun on my shoulders, enjoying the reprieve from the hot southern summers.

But more than that, water calms me. In college, I would go to the lock and dam with a friend every Sunday night. We'd talk about the weekend, his girl problems, my guy problems. The noise of the water the only background music. We'd lean on the railing and toss pebbles into the black water, and talk. During the summers, I'd go to the river and sit, thinking, trying to "find myself" I was standing still, but the water was ever moving. I don't know, but somehow it gave me hope.  Just to know that like the water, our nature is to be in motion. We will change, this too shall pass.

After I was married we moved to the East Coast, and I loved the ocean. I'd visited before, but to live there was amazing. The beach was minutes from my home, and I could go anytime my heart was hurting, any time I needed to make a decision...Just stare at the waves. Something about the motion settled me.

It's constant.

There is a weight to the ocean.

An Age.

An ancient feeling that we can't comprehend.

My problems are trivial, and they will go with the tide. I guess I just found perspective in the sea. Knowing that I could stand there all night, and the waves would still reach out to touch my ankles. Subside. Reach out. There is a rhythm to the ocean, it's the heartbeat of mother nature, and being there on the beach, and hearing nothing but the crash of wave after wave after wave feels safe, like I imagine it must be for a baby in the womb. It has always calmed my soul.


I would give a lot to be there right now...

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I've never read the book, but I'll add it to my list. Thanks!

I've only visited the West Coast. The beaches are different, but I love them all. The ocean is captivating, for sure.

I was raised in Carmel, Ca. and lived there for the better part of my first 18 years on this planet. When I was in high school I knew these twin brothers that were raised in Colorado they're entire lives and had never seen the beach before then! They sat in shock and awe struck for hours!<br />
I love exploring beaches and finding shell's and such!<br />
Ah the memories! All along the west coast is really nice!

Water - Ok - Let your happiness flow like water in River to occean (to others' hearts)..New is the year, new are the hopes and the aspirations, new is the resolution, new are the spirits and forever my warm wishes are for u.Have a promising and fulfilling new year.

awwww...I wish you could too..