The musky sweat of a working man, the cologne and deodorant that permeates his t-shirt, the way his jeans smell because he is constantly outside in them, the scent of his shampoo in his hair; ahhhh all make up the great scent of a man.  I love it.

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LMAO, I am willing to risk it. We will just be sure both our offices are sound proof for our "meetings" or would it be "meatings?"

Yes, we could make a fortune, but might make working conditions a bit "difficult" haha.

More like Gee your skin is so heavenly mmmm. lol

I think we could make a fortune.

I think we need to bottle some of that, and sell it on ebay! what do you think Fungirl?

LMAO and it also = very interested fungirl.

Cologne + deodorant + man sweat = Interested Katie.



wth is a cell function?

You are giving more specific details in your commit fungirlmmm. Mmmmmmm +1...DD

Oh yes. LOL but hormones impact al of our cell functions.

So the more i sweat the happier you will be?

According to a new study all a healthy heterosexual woman needs to give their hormone levels a kick start is the smell of a man's sweat.<br />
Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley have found that a mere hint of male sweat in the air raises the amount of the stress hormone cortisol in women's saliva.<br />
Cortisol is secreted by the body to help maintain proper arousal and sense of well-being, respond to stress and other functions.<br />
They believe their study represents the first direct evidence that shows that people, just like rats, moths and butterflies, secrete a scent that affects the physiology of the opposite sex.<br />
Lead author Claire Wyart, a post-doctoral fellow at Berkeley says this is the first time it has been shown that a sniff of an identified compound of male sweat, affects women's hormonal levels as opposed to applying a chemical to the upper lip. <br />
The study was prompted by previous studies by Wyart's colleague Noam Sobel, an associate professor of psychology and director of the Berkeley Olfactory Research Program. <br />
Sobel discovered that the chemical androstadienone, thought to be a male chemical signal which is found in male sweat and is an additive in perfumes and colognes, changed mood, sexual arousal, physiological arousal and brain activation in women.<br />
Wyart says there is no definitive evidence that humans respond to the smell of androstadienone or any other chemical in a subliminal or instinctual way similar to the way many mammals and some insects respond to pheromones.<br />
She says though some humans develop a small patch inside their nose resembling the vomeronasal organ in rats that detects pheromones, it appears to be vestigial, with no nerve connection to the brain.<br />
Pheromones are chemical molecules expressed by a species aimed at other members of the species to induce stereotyped behaviour or hormonal changes.<br />
Wyart says there is debate over whether human pheromones exist, because humans do not exhibit stereotyped behaviour.<br />
However this male chemical signal, androstadienone, does cause hormonal as well as physiological and psychological changes in women and Wyart says studies need to be done to understand how androstadienone affects female cognitive functions.<br />
The authors say the finding suggests that there may possibly be better ways to raise cortisol levels in patients with diseases such as Addison's disease, which is characterized by low cortisol rather than giving the hormone in pill form, which has side effects such as peptic ulcers, osteoporosis, weight gain and mood disorder.<br />
They say merely smelling synthesized or purified human chemosignals may be used to modify endocrine balance. <br />
The main focus of research on human pheromones has been sweat, and male underarm sweat has been shown to improve women's moods and affect their secretion of luteinizing hormone, which is normally involved in stimulating ovulation.<br />
Other studies have shown that when female sweat is applied to the upper lip of other women, these women respond by shifting their menstrual cycles toward synchrony with the cycle of the woman from whom the sweat was obtained. <br />
Androstadienone is a derivative of testosterone that is found in high concentration in male sweat, as well as in saliva and *****.<br />
However, though its effect on a woman's mood, physiological arousal and brain activity suggests that the chemical is a possible pheromone-like signal in humans, its effect on hormone levels was unknown.<br />
Wyart and Sobel wanted to test whether androstadienone affected hormone levels as well and they focused on the study on the hormone cortisol.<br />
Two trials were carried out with a total of 48 undergraduate women, average age of 21, at UC Berkeley.<br />
The women were asked to take 20 sniffs from a bottle containing androstadienone, which smells vaguely musky, then over a period of two hours, the volunteers provided five saliva samples from which cortisol levels were determined. <br />
The women had no skin contact with androstadienone.<br />
The researchers found that compared to their response when sniffing a control odour (yeast), the women who sniffed androstadienone reported an improved mood and significantly higher sexual arousal, while their physiological response, including blood pressure, heart rate and breathing, also increased.<br />
This is consistent with previous research. <br />
The researchers also found that cortisol levels rose within about 15 minutes of sniffing androstadienone, and remained elevated for more than an hour.

I never notice anyone else sweating as much as me. So like what is a hormone?

See all of that is a normal young man to me. Most young men sweat as it is their hormones running. You are just normal.

I really wasn't blessed with the best body... I have other things going for me but it really isn't my body at all. I am really hairy and it grows fast. My hair has lots of cowlicks so it is very hard to control plus it is just a big fuzz ball that i do not not know how to control at all so i get it cut to short for it to have its own opinion... I sweat A LOT and i can't control that. Even am sweating when i get out of the shower. I was built big. I have that of a wrestlers body...

That is the smell of an honest days work and i would never say a thing to you about it as long as you put on deodorant lol.

I got a funny story about my smell. Since being me and living with how i smell i can't smell my self. When i was a kid i never had to ware deodorant. I dunno why i just guess kids don't need it or something but as i got older my dad making me ware it was one fight he would not lose... Apparently no one likes my smell except for me and i have a strong one. So that is how i got into waring deodorant.<br />
<br />
But atm i smell like bleach and other really bad foods for washing dishes for 5 hours in a row... I don't like the smell my work makes me have.

And there is nothing like it in the world. Every man has his own scent and when you breathe it in you instantly know it is him. For example, when I smell jeans from a clothesline to this day i think of one person as if he were right here with me. MMMM

i love the way men smell too. its a kind of wonderful aroma!

LOL Rog.

I love my long hair and it is really the only thing i am vain about.<br />
<br />
Oh no MT, I love that smell. I especially USED to love the smell of jeans that were permeated with the smells of riding a motorcycle. OMG. LOL I haven't smelled that in a long time.

At least someone like how us guys smell when we come in from being outside working.<br />
<br />
Most just won't touch us unless we hit the shower first.

That sounds gorgeous FG. I like girls with all hair types but i'm a bit old fashioned in loving the the feel of long hair and running my hands through it and grabbing it sometimes too

LOL Dew. You are definitely warped but I adore you.<br />
<br />
Singer, there are lots of them around everywhere girl lol.<br />
<br />
Golden Arrow, I have long hair and I love to pull it into my nose and breathe in just after my shower. I love the papaya mango smell of my hair.

I read once that a sure test of ones sexual orientation is how one responds to the smell of others. I love the way women smell. Of course I also love the smell of fresh baked bread. Mmmmm maybe I could put one in the oven next time my wife leaves town.(then I could say I have one in the oven...not many men get to say that...LMAO (I hope my *** is getting smaller)...LMAO...DD

where????? Where????? Did someone say that there was a man around here somewhere?????

:oD<br />
I love the smell of a woman's hair....