I Finally Bought A Pair Of Panties...

I never really did do anything about my panty and pantyhose fetish until now, I just purchased a pair of panties from an auction site that does nothing but cater to fetish, I been on here and read all the comments and watched people tell their stories but now finally I have something to post here.

I got the panties in the mail today, OMG it was like xmas morning, the package came in brown wrapping, when I cut it open and seen the panties in an airtight bag, the first thing I did was closed my eyes and held it up to my nose and then opened the bag, the scent was sweet and intense, I could picture the woman rubbing herself to ****** and when she was finished she took them off just so they could be sent to me.

The panties were actually still a little damp, so the only thing I could do next was taste her on the panties, very hard to explain but was like brown sugar tastes, it made me think of warm cookies from the oven, MMM!

I will be buying more, it was worth the money, I am hooked, the process of bidding, waiting the anticipation of winning then wondering what they will look like, smell like, taste like, how they will feel on my skin, Damn I am hard-on just writing this, I got paid today so I am bidding on another pair...


The auction site address is http://hbnstore.com/fetish, if you buy a pair, post back and let me know what you thought of the whole process and how you felt when you opened the box!

ccie04 ccie04
36-40, M
Jul 12, 2010