It Makes My Wife So Happy And Horny.

After you have put makeup on me; the two tone eye shadow, foundation, lipstick, and the mascara. I will go to the bedroom and put on the panties and thigh high "nude or black" thigh highs, panties and the padded bra. Then I will lie down on the bed on my side. I will have one knee up as my foot is on the bed. I will light a 120mm cigarette and take a drag and slowly exhale it and run my hand with the cigarette up and down my leg. I will look at you and smile as I bat my now extra long eyelasges at you. I then pull the bup under my right breast as I rub the nipple with the butt of my cigarette as I purse my lips and kiss in your direction. My eyes roam your body as your nipples become hard as you look at me dressed in sexy lingerie and sexy makeup. As you approach me on the bed I take a long drag from the 120mm cigarette, turn my face up and throw my head back as I slowly exhale the smoke from the cigarette. You kiss my neck as your hand caresses my exposed nipple. I moan with desire as your kiss touches my throat and your fingers clasp tightly on my right nipple. You then ask me to stand beside the bed. As I stand their you unclasp the bra and suck on my nipples as your hands grip my tight buttocks. As you pull my waist towards you when your teeth clamp on my hard erect nipple you feel my erect **** poking your stomach. You groan as I put my cigarette in the night stand ashtray and my **** is firmly pressing against your stomach.
You say "I 'll have a ***** tonite". I say:" Anything you want my girlfriend" as I kiss your lips smearing lipstick on your lips. Your face becomes flush as I feel your ***** dripping on my toes. You suck and nibble on my nipples again making my body and loins become on fire. I groan deeply as I get on my knees in front of you looking up into your eyes. You smile at my rubbing your ***** and **** from being so turned on. (This is a story in progress)
Snookybear Snookybear
36-40, M
Aug 10, 2010