I Have Fallen In Love With The Strokes

okay..  i'm sure that everyone has gone through phases where they become obsessed with a band or singer. Well i haven't gone through one in a while. And it's just crazy how it can make you feel. like you cant wait to go home and sit down and watch videos of your favorite band. Whether it be like live performances, or music videos, or videos they make themselves. Weelll the strokes have given me that pleasure once again. Julian Casablancas my favorite. Then there's fab, and nick and albert and nikolai! Anyways I have always loved listening to music for one main reason. The way the song makes me feel, knowing, "okay my favorite part is coming" and just likemaking up your own story with all of you imagination. Automatic Stop happens to be playing, with lyrics like " wait i'm gonna give it a break, im not your friend i never was" i don't know what to make out of the song. I try to decipher the message behind it and sometimes i realize why can't i just leave the song alone and stop trying to disect it? That's when you actually feel the song, and the sound. And the intesity in julian's voice. Gosh his voice, probably my favorite voice. And even though in a few of their songs it has kind of a sad vibe to it, its like a sad joy. I love that sad joy. It makes me feel like things will be okay, like i shouldn't be scared. It's a good feeling.   Music is a friend who will always be there to revitalize you.
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1 Response Jul 18, 2010

You said it! Music never goes away