Divine Harmonics

I love when a peice of music hits one of those sounds, the ones that just give me chills and/or a burst of excitment. I think of it like the divine harmonies those angels supposidly sing. It's a very anchient idea that music might be the basis of the universe, and it's not far off from the truth, really. Sometimes I think i might one day hear those perfect sounds in the physical world. In the mean time I'll keep enjoying the best music I can find
AngelaDark AngelaDark
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

You're welcome, of course :)<br />
I love finding songs that are just perfect, and playing them on headphones while I meditate or write. I find it helps with focus and with astral travel

I like this experience, too. I have a long list of songs I can listen to over and over for the way lyrics are strung together and sung, plus musical scores that resonate right between the Solarplexis. They do seem like bits of divine intervention, I agree. <br />
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What I really like about discovering music like this is the effect it has on me. The world appears bigger -- it isn't just about me. Or it seems something profound has been added to me which makes me feel more well-rounded, more real than before. Whether this has any outward effect that people notice is doubtful, in my opinion. The conscious transformation is profound though, and a good experience. Thank-you for sharing this story.