Ill spend hours on the net, searching.
Sometimes i find something so great, ususally i have to listen to a few first.
But its like i stumble upon a golden nugget in this soot filled mine
Il play the song, and i can literally feel it without effort
The singers vioce paints a picture in my mind
one with vivid detail, and i just let it take me away
like im walking near a stream, on an amazing summer day
or in a winter scene, watching people skate on the lake
i feel so relaxed, so happy, so complete
muisic saves me
And when its Friday nite, i let the bass pump!
and we hit the clubs :-)
I love Music.

brian07891 brian07891
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 21, 2010

Me, too! Music is magic...HUGS, livingwell