A Place To Hide

Ever since I was young and first introduced to music, it's had a profound effect on me and meant so much more than simply entertainment. This feeling has only intensified as I've grown older and my musical horizon has expanded.

It's hard to accurately describe the unique feelings when I hear those opening bars or know that guitar solo is coming, or that he is going to sing that line, the one that sounds like it was written about me, for me. I visualize the characters, the places, the time and the emotions interpreted by the music. It overwhelms me, grabs me and shakes me, demanding that I pay attention, the whole world fades to white until there is nothing but the music. Dreams and fantasies crash down on me, carrying me on a wave of emotions that I don't want to stop until, eventually, I am left washed up on a beach of reality, breathless, with the echoes of emotion gently ebbing away.

I close my eyes and a small smile plays across my lips.

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10 Responses Oct 20, 2010

I agree,music can be up lifting,but it can also bring you down if your not careful,with what you listen to,no matter if it's christian music or secular,I love contemp christian or my oldies rock,I turn the words around(change the words),in some of my oldies rock & turn them christian,don't get me wrong,I used to play alot of music in my bands I had & it made people feel great,I was on cloud nine when I was playing in my bands,but when I became a Christian I saw(see) thing alot diffrent now,but I still love to rock out my music.

very true actually in 1997 i entered a state of depression and had planned to kill myself. however i gave God a second chance and said that if i would find the pastor of my church and he would allow me to play the guitar( at the time, i didn't know how to play it) then i would not kill myself<br />
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for the whole year 1997, that guitar not only saved me from committing suicide but also removed me from depression let the music do it for you

aaah me too! Live for music, cant play an instrument, but lend out a very profound ear when it comes to music! It captures me in more ways than one!

God has give you a great gift music . I love music . When I close my eyes ,I see myself dance with God . God dances with me on a cloud or at the beach . the cold air touch my face , the sounds of the waves is music to my ears and God . music is so beautiful. my boyfriend is a music teacher he love his music since he was a boy .he started playing instruments . you should be proud of your self .. your an musical angel for God . write a song for God and sing to God . He will love it . Janie

Nicely put. Thanks man. Being 50 though, music now is more like a time machine to me. I listen to songs and they transport me to different times and places long gone. Kinda bittersweet but still brings a smile across my lips.

I know exactly what you mean as I experience the same. I have been involved in music since I was 7 ( I am 40 now) and also I help people who need some direction in ther life....kind of life caoching...and I usually use music as a way to make them feel good. In my experience music has a healing quality and can actually elevate us spiritually. It helps open our spiritual heart and this is the joy we experience when we really connect with music.<br />
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If anyone would like to know more,,,please email me here.<br />
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Love and Light<br />
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I guess it doesn't really matter how well you play...I was just checking because, from your story, it seemed like you understood music from a musician's point of view...I think playing an instrument gives you a deeper appreciation for music, regardless of how well you play :)<br />
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Two!! You must be a cool dude! :))

GJ do you play an instrument?

Nice job on the desc<x>ription..

I have the same same feeling. That's great!!O(∩_∩)O