That Tingly Feeling

You know that feeling you get when the person you love kisses you, and you go all numb or get goosebumps? Or when your watching a great movie and you start to get excited about what is going to happen next? Well that is the feel I get when I listen to music. I get all tingly inside and get goosebumps. You know those certain chords that just make you want to cry, even though you might be listening to an upbeat song. Or how sometimes it feels like the music is just taking your body and giving you the feeling of flight. I love how some music can just make you feel better in an instant. All I have to do is play that one song when I'm sad, or angry, or feel in a good mood even, and it will make me feel like a brand new person! You know music is just one of those things everyone has in common, there is one type of music that makes every person feel complete, that gives them reason to hope and dream. I love how music makes me feel, and I just hope that I'm not the only person that starts to tear up when they hear amazing chords of any type of music. Music is one of those things that can take all your emotions and brings them all out in one song....I love that about Music :)

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Music and Emotions

The most difficult problem in answering the question of how music creates emotions is likely to be the fact that assignments of musical elements and emotions can never be defined clearly. The solution of this problem is the Theory of Musical Equilibration. It says that music can't convey any emotion at all, but merely volitional processes, the music listener identifies with. Then in the process of identifying the volitional processes are colored with emotions. The same happens when we watch an exciting film and identify with the volitional processes of our favorite figures. Here, too, just the process of identification generates emotions.

An example: If you perceive a major chord, you normally identify with the will "Yes, I want to...". The experience of listening to a minor chord can be compared to the message conveyed when someone says, "No more." If someone were to say these words slowly and quietly, they would create the impression of being sad, whereas if they were to scream it quickly and loudly, they would be come across as furious. This distinction also applies for the emotional character of a minor chord: if a minor harmony is repeated faster and at greater volume, its sad nature appears to have suddenly turned into fury.

Because this detour of emotions via volitional processes was not detected, also all music psychological and neurological experiments, to answer the question of the origin of the emotions in the music, failed.

But how music can convey volitional processes? These volitional processes have something to do with the phenomena which early music theorists called "lead", "leading tone" or "striving effects". If we reverse this musical phenomena in imagination into its opposite (not the sound wants to change - but the listener identifies with a will not to change the sound) we have found the contents of will, the music listener identifies with. In practice, everything becomes a bit more complicated, so that even more sophisticated volitional processes can be represented musically.

Further information is available via the free download of the e-book "Music and Emotion - Research on the Theory of Musical Equilibration:

or on the online journal EUNOMIOS:

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Bernd Willimek, music theorist

I love this. It seriously lifts me.

Sara by Fleetwood Mac gives me that tingling feeling whenever I hear it.

I know exactly what you're saying! Music does the same to me. Chords...beautiful things! When I hear certain chords I suddenly feel like crying and I can't help but say "aww I love this chord so much!" When I'm feeling down, I just play those chords over and over again...Music is really magical :)

I couldn't agree with you more.

I know rite! Its an uplifting feeling. I get lost in bliss with the music.

Great music crosses the threshold where your brain ends and your soul begins.

I love this story! I get what you're saying. I'm the same way with music. It's part of my life

O no! Just when I thought I'm unique I see there's more people like me. You all said what I wanted to say and now I have nothing to say. I'm really disappointed.

I could not have said it better. Feeling the same when I listen to music. I love the way some songs actually relate to your life and what is happening in it.

i just love this because the feeling you get from music relates to many people that really understand music.

I love music and get chills from certain songs too! I recommend the movie August Rush. There's one scene where August plays a guitar by slapping it while it's plugged in with reverb. DEFINITELY got chills.

Music is life...My best, happiest days are those started by just listening to my favorite tracks :) Love this post/story and 2 thumbs up from me :)

These are the exact feelings I feel! Certain chords or progressions or moving pieces or anything in a song I'm listening to (or making) makes me lose reality and sweeps me away no matter where I am. It comes from the heart! After all, "Music is what feelings sound like." <br />
Sometimes I do tear up on a random song; it doesn't have to be sad, if the music is beautiful,it doesn't matter! :)

Same! The best music is the music that moves you, no matter what emotion it gives. That''s what I strive for when making music and it feels even better when you get that feeling with your own creation! Love for all genres!

Yep yep.. I've felt like that absolutely. Music is amazing. If you ever get a chance, I saw you mentioned that music can make you feel like you're flying.. you should look up the song One Mile Wish - Birds of a Feather. There's a drum solo thing.. that totally makes you feel like you're flying if you close your eyes, its amazing! But that song might be hard to find... cause the band isn't together any more, hope you can find it! :P

Yeah thats great you feel the same way! I feel dumb when Im listening to a song and it just makes me want to cry but the song is a happy song, or an upbeat song. I am a music major but I have always felt this way about music even before I decided to major in it. I guess some people don't listen as closely as others.

i know what ya mean. when i hear a song that touches me so deep in my heart and soul it gives me the chills all the way from head to toe. it is amazeing how this can happen. and how the chills never happens to some people. they must not be into music as much i guess??