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Lola And Other Stories

i have always hab an innate love of music. i remember waking up early,maybe six yrs. old ,to watch my father preparing ahearty breakfast and shaving,grtting ready for work.The WMCA GOOD GUYS always kept us company with their good natured clowning,and music-four seasons,beach boys ,dusty springfield (with her wonderful soulful voice) and all that top forty wonderobelia. they were like a great neighbor who joins you every morning,always bringing good huor and cheer,never intrusive or pushy, just joy.And of course MUSIC.I realized over time you could "surf" emotionly on the energy of a fast uptempo tune,drawing energy and tap into its kinetic power:a musical euphoria.Perfectly legal,too! other, slower ballads might produce a melancholy can be not only moved,one can be transported.I would later do my homework to the top forty countdown burning to find out who was number one this week..Music seemed to "open" my creative self effortly mind, body and soul became enhanced and i believe my homework was better for it. than came the beatles and what music did for me the beatles did for music.The formulaic constraints of tin pan alley melted and songs on subjects that would never have been broacher(eleanor rigby) proliferated.. People Actually were asking :what is THIS song about? singles could be any length.artists had control over what they said and how they said it .the larger palatte of artists gave listeners a wider emotional spectrum to enjoy.people can make mix- tapes(i cannnot say mix discs)that include the hold steadys throbbing STAY POSIVE followed by an introspective joanie mithell ballad (circle game ",perhaps segueing into style councils "it just came to pieces in my hand". i feel music and the juxtaposition of mood and style ,done creatively can be thrilling and mesmorizing..Music is primal, sensous and captivating to me.i sing in the shower because the music gets under my skin into my blood./.Aside:if i try to sing anywhere else i risk fines and jail time;not only do people think i can`t sing,they have no compunctions about telling me so its the shower for me. oh well.) there are many beautiful people , experiences,and activities that have enriched my life and music makes it all better mo` better and mo` better. HAPPY LISTENING.....bookerdana
bookerdana bookerdana 51-55, M 2 Responses Nov 18, 2011

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Joni game....LOVE IT! Your love of music shows again! Great job, Booker!

thanks again for your gracceful comments..i only wish i had the chops to sing,even in an amateur set-up...people with voices are so blessed!

well, if you want to bag on your singin voice theres no way you can be as bad as dylan lol. But im really glad im not alone in the feeling of musical euphoria. To me, music that i enjoy is all about the power, melody and truth melting together to form something amazing. I have gotten somwhat of a "contact high" if you will from music but Im sure it is possible to feel the euphoria you describe. Also another thing that you mentioned about ambiguity in songs had confused me for some time. alot of times i had to expressly know what the song was about from the artist themselves. now it is not the case. Some songs are so ambiguous and the artist sometimes will give no hint to the meaning. Thats when i started changing the way i view music. Maybe the ambiguity is basically a fill-in-the-blanks for the listener. the song is about whatever you want it to be. how it fits into your own life situation is entirely up to you. these are the songs that can heal us when were down and out because they seem to apply specifically to us and our situation