A few months ago I got back in touch with an old best friend that I was in love with, we dated for a few days 7 years ago and we just lost touch after that. We started talking online and she seemed really interested, she recently went through a bad break up with a long term boyfriend. She told me we were going to hangout and catch up in person, she was very flirty. She asked for my number and she said she was going to text me, I waited a week before she finally text me say "sorry I didn’t forget about you", she said she was busy and I half hardly believed her, she said she would let me know when she had time. Well about three weeks passed and i got impatient so I text her asking if she forgot about me. She said not of course and went on this story about work. It was funny though every time I asked her where she worked she said the mall, I asked her at least 4 times. I never got more detail then "the mall", no “I work at Pac sun" or any other store. Anyways, we talked for a short time and made plans over the weekend, I was ecstatic. Two days passed when I saw her relationship statues change to "in a relationship". It was disappointing but I still thought she would come through with our plans. The day came and I text her, no response and a month later I’m still waiting for that response....... forgotten again.....
LonelyMan92 LonelyMan92
18-21, M
May 8, 2012