Music Is The One Thing I Have That Can Take Me Away

Music is the one thing I have that can take me away from "right this moment I don't think I can take one more disappointment!!!!" to filling me up with hope for the next round!!! Music has saved my life because it alone has given a place to express the incredibly deep pain & grief, confusion, and disappointment ive seen in this life. It has also been there to celebrate all the times of victory, happiness, joy, laughter, and bittersweet moments too. I have my personal "soundtrack" to play anytime I want and it had the ability to encourage me to PUSH forward, just ONE LAST TIME, this might be the one that gets me out of this **** of a hole spot!!! =0. =} and damn itif I don't go and get up on the morning and do just that PUSH PLAY!!! And see what today has to offer!!! I just wanna say thank you LORD for giving me this one place in life to feel safe enough to let open my hearts window and allow out whatever comes. My one place to be raw and honest. If ANYBODY listened to
What I'm playin, they would "know" just where it's all at for me. Right this "moment in time".
Thanks for letting me share. Oxox
Teila1964 Teila1964
46-50, F
May 9, 2012