Healing With Feeling

For me, music is the transporter of my feelings to the surface. Those feelings I keep tucked away, until those moments when I hear the beat and the rhythm pulsing through my veins. For in those moments, I feel free to feel it, all of it. The pain..the fear..the anger..the disgust..the agony..the stress.It rises to that fragile spot where tears are spilled and moans escape. And if I am lucky, there is healing and resolution....I am humbled, and compassion replaces what once was so dark. Slowly broken pieces are put back together..slowly.... with each beat.
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I feel the same about music also, whenever I feel sad or deep depression, and think I might do something, it's like music saves me and catches me when i fall. It makes me feel great!

Music is the best thing to get an emotional reaction. I'm stuck in the 70s n 80s.

When I really want to 'feel' I put on music. Whether it be happiness, saddness, or just simply I need to chill, I can always find some music that will evoke the feelings inside. I'm stuck in ....all times. I love sooo many different types of music..I just can't choose. =)

So true. I find sometimes when you are already in the dark places, you might as well take music with you and feel as much of it as you can! Love your OP!

Yep, and by feeling it comes healing, at least for me. Keeping it tucked away is the worst thing to do. I get it all out with music. Strange how that works.

MUSIC is the fuel of life, but LOVE makes the world go around :)

Well...until I find that LOVE.....I have my music!

And crazy South Africans :P hehe.....if I put on music, will you dance for me???...

I would love to dance for a crazy South African! ;)
Join me........?

That was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Music is a language that speaks directly to the spirit. My son is a dancer and this reminds me of him. He's so carefree when he's dancing. I am too...I danced so hard to Skrillex "Right On Time" the other day I almost passed out, lol. I'm never gonna get too old to dance!

Thank you so much! =)
I to am a fan of Skrillex! I am a fan of any music that has a beat and my kids and I can dance to it!!

Without my music I would have gone loopy long ago- My guitar and more recently my keyboard - all self taught - and of course my voice have been there all along - I remember being admonished at school and even before I picked up an instrument singing songs in my head about my experiences with my aggressors- Its always gonna be there for me and as I continue my journey it records happy sad and confused and exhileating moments of my life x

Thank God for music to allow us the release of all that emotion. Good for you for sticking with it...I hope it always brings you happiness! =)

One man's meat is another's poison. Instead of consulting psychologists for help or drowning in your silent tears, you discovered a suitable panacea that can erase your bottle-up pains and fix your broken heart. It's a great achievement

Thank you...many tears have fallen with music...it hurt badly..but made me feel whole again.

That is so good that music can do that for you. When I adopted my son he had so many emotional problems and so I bought him a set of headphones and a tape pla<x>yer (as this was a while ago) and he would listen to music at night and this changed his life. To this day he is so musical he can play any instrument and it soothes him like nothing else. He is a registered nurse and going in for a Dr. and he has used some of this with his patients.

What a great story...how inspirational. Thank you for sharing that with me...made me happy! =)

Let the Church say "AMEN!" You have eloquently described the musical experience. I thank God for inventing ear buds and the advanced music playing devices, but it has added to my frustration for decades over my inability to explain the way my spirit gradually and methodically soars when I listen to a perfect, professional performance of Mozart's "Ein Kleine Natchmusik", 1st movement with my eyes closed. It is not the same experience as yours, but you have left no doubt in anyone's mind what yours is. Thank you.

Thanks, thats so sweet...glad u understand! So I say.........turn the speakers up....and FEEL!!! =)