Escape Into The Moment

Music makes me feel alive. I love the way I can be absorbed into the rhythem and am able to escape into the moment. I feel it in my body and mind. I am amazed by it's ability to change my mood and environment. It doesn't matter what I'm feeling or experiencing at that moment, I am always taken away by a good beat. I strongly believe without music my life would be so depressing. I could be sitting with my girlfriend's in a cafe having a coffee and talking and I'll hear a tune and it will start in my toes and make its way through my whole body. And when this happens... I'll be looking at you and talking but my body is dancing and smiling on the inside! In the bedroom it sets the scene... in the car it makes the peak hour traffic home the cleaning doesn't seem that bad..... music is my way to escape.
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

Meeeeee toooooo...without music I would be lost!!!!