Keeps Me From Going Numb.

The only time I really feel anything is when I'm listening to music. Even if it makes me feel sad or angry, I love it.
slowrewind slowrewind
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7 Responses May 6, 2007

This is exactly how I feel too. Music is like my life nowadays

I hadn't thought about it before, but I that is exactly how I am too.

Interesting, how do you choose what kind you want to listen to?

since my best friend left the only healthy thing thats made me fell anything but numb is music

Dial a Ride! I live for music and the transportation qualities with all the creature comforts of a souhternplayaisticcaddilacmuzik caravan.

Music does have a strong affect on our lives,its true. I hope someday you will feel more without the music out there,but with the music in your heart and soul...<br />
<br />
listen to this....check out some more songs while you're there. I think you'll like it. IF you do hit MIX ITand tell all your friends to go listen.