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Keeps Me From Going Numb.

The only time I really feel anything is when I'm listening to music. Even if it makes me feel sad or angry, I love it.
slowrewind slowrewind 21-25, F 8 Responses May 6, 2007

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This is exactly how I feel too. Music is like my life nowadays

I hadn't thought about it before, but I that is exactly how I am too.

Interesting, how do you choose what kind you want to listen to?

since my best friend left the only healthy thing thats made me fell anything but numb is music

same here :) i love it too, but unfortunately, it doesnt love me back, not like a real person

Dial a Ride! I live for music and the transportation qualities with all the creature comforts of a souhternplayaisticcaddilacmuzik caravan.

Music does have a strong affect on our lives,its true. I hope someday you will feel more without the music out there,but with the music in your heart and soul...<br />
<br />
listen to this....check out some more songs while you're there. I think you'll like it. IF you do hit MIX ITand tell all your friends to go listen.